Looking Back at 2020 and what’s to come in 2021


By Joshua Baker

In 2020 we reorganized our projects and initiatives into three program areas: Path to Decarbonization, Pollinator Placemaking, and Residential Resilience. These program areas guide our organization as we develop implementable, real-world programs that will contribute to making our neighborhood the most sustainable in North America.

We want to let you know about all the things we have been doing this year, and to give you another chance to support our work, if you are able.

Path to Decarbonization

The Lloyd community previously established significant energy efficiency targets to reduce energy usage and global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. We are stepping up our game! We are on a path to carbon neutrality by 2060. The initial path is set by our energy efficiency actions plan and the 15 steps we can take. Those areas include:

LED Advantage Member Program (LAMP): In the 2019-20 fiscal-year we completed 17 LED retrofits, setting a record for the program. This has proven to be a great way for us to reach property owners with our overall mission, and to find a sustainable way to find a revenue source for our continued work.

Benchmarking: We continue to measure our energy performance and beat the Portland average in Energy usage, among buildings over 50,000sf.

Pollinator Placemaking

Placemaking is critical to the continued success of our collective impact work because our work is often invisible (like energy efficiency and waste prevention). We strive to find ways to unite people by engaging in projects that create collective impact in our community and places that beautify, support the climate and educate. We harness the power of placemaking and biophilia (a natural human tendency to love nature) through our pollinator placemaking programs. Our projects include:

Peace Memorial Park: Our work to re-imagine this park neighboring the Eastbank Esplanade and the Steel Bridge has made great steps forward. We completed the first phase of a community outreach campaign to apartments, office buildings, the public, the Portland Parks Accessible Advisory Committee and our Lloyd stakeholders like Go Lloyd and Lloyd Community Association.

We received a Jubitz Family foundation grant to complete the schematic and design drawings and now we have a path forward to re-build and re-landscape the park, with lighting, irrigation and pollinator-friendly native perennials. We are also making plans to clear out the view from the site to Downtown, creating a spectacular panoramic view of our beautiful city. Support those efforts here.

This area of Portland is part of a contested narrative of broken promises and stolen lands and livelihoods: native tribes lived here for millennia in harmony and the area was also part of the historic Black community of Albina, whose community was ripped apart to make way for a coliseum and a freeway.

In 2021 we hope to finally be able to have in-person visioning sessions, charrettes, storytelling and design workshops with youth and BIPOC communities to memorialize these stories and develop a PEACE memorial in this space going forward into the future.

Specification Guide: We are developing a landscaping specification guide to help property owners and businesses do small and big improvements to the land surrounding their buildings in Lloyd. We envision all of Lloyd being a haven, a habitat for pollinators, and perennial native plants. How to do this? Help owners make simple switches to plants and maintenance techniques that support these outcomes. Watch for the final guide some time in 2021.

Blumenauer Bridgehead:  This new pedestrian and bike bridge over I-84 is another opportunity for us to amplify the plant palette and make sure plant choices are in support of native pollinators. We have been working with PBOT and ZGF to ensure that happens!

Residential Resilience

Residential Resilience projects focus on identifying ways to build community bonds among Lloyd residents who live in relatively isolating apartment/multifamily environments. We use social justice, placemaking, emergency preparedness, and climate to reach people.

Lloyd Neighborhood Emergency Team (Lloyd NET): Resilience is a cornerstone of what an EcoDistrict tries to create—most of the time we think about that as basic community building: people getting to know each other, and finding comfort and familiarity with their neighbors. This familiarity means we all have better outcomes in times of great and small stressors. This year we made in-roads, (though with lots of practical challenges due to COVID restrictions) in terms of finding residents in Lloyd who want to join a NET. Let us know if you want to be involved!

Right 2 Dream Too: In the early days of the pandemic shut down, Lloyd EcoDistrict spearheaded an effort to get R2DToo its yearly operating costs covered by the four main community groups in Lloyd. This was such a success that Commissioner Fritz office joined in, as well as many individual donors. The upshot of this leadership has been that R2DToo shelter designation is now reclassified and eligible for regular JOHS operational funding. This means our resilient community came together and truly demonstrated a level of support and stability to local government so that we don’t have to and they don’t have to spend all their time fundraising for their basic operations. This is exactly what a resilient community will do!

Keaton Otis Memorial: We are working with the Justice for Keaton Otis group to find a way to memorialize the lives of Keaton Otis and Fred Bryant. Keaton was killed by police 10 years ago, for a minor traffic violation. His father Fred spent every month at the site of his death seeking justice and holding vigil for his son until the stress finally killed him three years ago. We were asked to work with a group of activists, artists and poets to find the best way to permanently memorialize these lives somewhere and in some way in Lloyd. Community meetings will be happening in 2021, stay tuned.

Support Our Work

Every year, and this year especially, we have counted on you to help support our work and we are so thankful.

You have contributed financial assistance, your personal and professional expertise, and your labor and time on many of our projects out in the community. Lloyd is a better place to live work and play because of you!

We hope you have a little extra to spare to help us continue the valuable and real work we do to advance that cause.