Pollinator Corridor Planting Event

Three volunteers replanting two large planters in front of a window banner that says "Welcome to the Lloyd EcoDistrict Pollinator Corridor".

By Joshua Baker

As we sprung into Spring, Lloyd EcoDistrict and our volunteers took advantage of the warmer weather to get our hands dirty along the Pollinator Corridor.

On March 17th, a dozen volunteers and staff met with Portland Parks and Recreation staff on NE Multnomah to help weed and replant the 39 planters along the Pollinator Corridor. Lloyd’s main Pollinator Corridor, designed in 2016, was the country’s first official pollinator bikeway! Along the Corridor, you will find a variety of plants including kinnikinnick, milkweed, salal, and yarrow. With the summer heatwave of 2021 damaging some of the plants, we added new, hardier native plants to replace those that died. In addition to weeding and pulling out a type of grass that was overtaking some of the planters, volunteers planted over 80 new native plants. 

We can’t wait to see what the planters will look like later this year and next year as these plants mature and bloom – providing important habitat to our pollinator neighbors.  A special thanks to the Lloyd Community Association and the Portland Bureau of Environmental Service’s  Community Watershed Stewardship Program’s Native Plant Certificates program for helping to secure the native plants. The event would not have happened without the support of a team of horticulturists from Park and Recreations who were onsite to provide education about pollinators and help lead the planting event.