Climate Action & Adaptation

Air Quality Monitoring and Resources

Information and resources for the Lloyd community to prepare for all air quality scenarios.


Poor air quality is not a new issue for Portland, with the 2020 wildfires causing Portland air to become “very unhealthy” for all. It was clear that most were not prepared for such poor air quality, leaving many unsure of how to combat the natural disaster.

Why is smoke & bad air quality bad for you?
What is the Air Quality Index (AQI)?
What is Lloyd’s current AQI?

What can you do to prepare?

It is possible and important to prepare before hazardous air quality arrives. Often, bad air quality can develop in a matter of days, not allowing one to sufficiently prepare essential resources to combat the health concern. Here are three steps you can take prior to bad air quality:

1. Have extra high-quality masks on hand
2. Obtain (or make) an air filter
3. Check if you have an air filtration system

The air quality is poor or hazardous currently. What options do I have?

There is a possibility that poor air quality will develop too fast for one to properly prepare. Here are four steps you can take if bad air quality emerges without warning:

1. Mask Up
2. Create an Air Filter
3. Create a Clean Air Room at Home
4. Locate a Clean Air Center