Climate Action & Adaptation

Decarbonization Resources

Since the launch of Lloyd EcoDistrict a decade ago, the Lloyd community has set the standard for resource conservation and efficiency.


We minimize the neighborhood’s impact on the environment (energy, water, and materials management), while optimizing the use of existing public infrastructure investments, and reducing private development costs and utility-related expenses for local businesses and residents.

The urgency of the global climate crisis causes us to double down on our goals and plans to reduce carbon emissions through our Energy and Waste Reduction Action Plans that have guided our work over the years. Now, our 2030 Roadmap sets out new goals and action items around climate protection as neighborhood-level carbon emissions are tracked, reported, and reduced to move us toward carbon neutrality.

Becoming more energy efficient is critical to this work. Additionally, many energy efficiency measures in the places you live and work simultaneously improves the health and comfort of occupants. By improving your building’s energy performance, you can reduce operating costs, reinvest those savings in your organization, employees, or home, and operate more sustainably while distinguishing your organization or building as an environmental leader.

In partnership with RWDI, we are excited to release the Reducing Your Carbon Footprint report. This report details a five-step process to help your business or large buildings reduce their carbon footprint! (If you’re looking for steps to reduce energy use in your own apartment, condo, or home, visit our Residential Energy Efficiency Page).

The five steps for business or large buildings:

  1. Assess your building’s performance
  2. Create goals and an action plan
  3. Implement goals
  4. Monitor progress
  5. Recognizing your achievements

We are excited to help you reduce your carbon footprint, and make your work, business, and home healthier and more productive.