Inclusive Prosperity

Educational Classes & Information

Through targeted workshops and events, we seek out innovative ways to help everyone in our community thrive.

a photo taken during a financial wellness workshop that how a man standing in front of group of individuals sitting down looking over materials.

Fitting within Lloyd EcoDistricts Inclusive Prosperity initiatives, we offer free workshops on a variety of topics at multifamily residential buildings and spaces across Lloyd. We’re also designing events for small businesses to grow their business.

Financial Wellness Workshops

Early this year, we launched an educational series around financial wellness. At Home Forward’s The Louisa Flowers multifamily apartments, we partnered with financial experts from KeyBank to provide financial wellness workshops for residents. From topics like debt consolidation and sustainable, long-term investing options, our financial expert partners at KeyBank offered residents a means to gain financial wellness resources and education that will last a lifetime.

DIY Summer and Winter Weatherization Workshops

These workshops help residents discover how to save money and energy with low-cost energy-saving techniques — for renters and homeowners alike. Learn more here.

Emergency Preparedness Workshops

From Emergency Preparedness 101 workshops that teaches you how to plan for an earthquake, to Stop the Bleed that provides life-saving skills, our emergency preparedness workshops help create a more resilient and interconnected community. Learn more here.

Upcoming / Future Workshops

If you have a building or group in the Lloyd area that may benefit from a financial wellness, weatherization, stop the bleed, or another workshop on a different topic, let us know.