Greening Lloyd

Community & Container Gardens

Initiatives that empowers individuals to grow their own food, fostering stronger connections to nature and community.

photo with three container gardens with tomatoes growing in them.

Our Community & Container Gardens projects are designed to create more opportunities for individuals and families to grow their own food, enhancing their connection to nature and fostering a sense of community. We’ve heard loud and clear that residents want more access to healthy food and green spaces—particularly more community gardens. By providing resources, education, and support for container gardening and community garden initiatives, we aim to make urban gardening accessible to everyone, regardless of space or experience. Gardens not only provide fresh, healthy produce but also serve as green spaces that contribute to environmental sustainability, urban biodiversity, and counteract the urban heat island effect.

Through these projects, participants can engage in hands-on learning, share gardening tips, and build relationships with neighbors, creating a stronger, more resilient community.

Container Gardening – Summer 2024

While we pursue space for a more traditional community garden, we launched a pilot container gardening project in 2024 aiming to get residents to grow gardens on their balconies throughout the EcoDistrict. We kicked off the pilot at a workshop at Central City City Concern’s Miracles Central Apartment. With a gardening expert from Growing Gardens on hand, residents planted their own container gardens for their balconies. Choosing from varieties of tomatoes, lettuces, chards and more, residents of the building walked away from the event with their very own edible garden. Additionally, we were happy to share our additional container gardening supplies with Right 2 Dream Too, BIPOC Village, and community members throughout the EcoDistrict. In the summer of 2024, we shared a total of 80 container gardens of edible plants with Lloyd community members!

Building from this year’s success, we’ll continue the momentum of Greening Lloyd!

Future Community Garden Site and Projects

Have a site or idea for a community garden space in Lloyd? We’d love to chat! Email