Inclusive Prosperity

Supporting R2DToo and BIPOC Village Neighbors

Right 2 Dream Too (known as R2DToo) is a “rest area” in Portland that serves the houseless community on a temporary basis.


R2DToo was relocated to the Lloyd Neighborhood in 2017. Since then, Lloyd EcoDistrict has worked with members of the residential and business communities to support RD2Too so they can continue to serve the houseless population.

Recent & Ongoing Initiatives

Recharge the Rest Area Campaign
Like many social service providers, R2DToo is perpetually in need of funding to cover operating expenses, and the COVID-19 pandemic created even greater needs and challenges. The Lloyd neighborhood came together and stepped up to help. Spearheaded by Lloyd EcoDistrict, and joined by Lloyd Enhanced Services District, Go Lloyd, and the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, we raised $9,000 in just a few short weeks to support R2DToo. Commissioner Amanda Fritz’s Office, impressed by this effort, contributed matching funds. Since then we have been leading the charge to raise additional funds to cover R2DToo’s operating expenses as they respond to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing housing crisis. Since the launch, we raised more than $30,000. 

Free Fridge
We partnered with Benson High School in their Building Construction Technology major and with R2DToo to coordinate the construction and placement of a structure to house a PDX Free Fridge at the rest area. PDX Free Fridge is a community-based and informed mutual aid effort to increase access to free food and vital supplies by creating a network of independent fridges and pantries in Portland, OR. This is the first Free Fridge in the Lloyd neighborhood. 

Former Initiatives

Spaghetti Welcome Dinner
Livable Lloyd – a neighborhood residential group – helped coordinate a welcome dinner for members of Right 2 Dream Too community. The evening was also a fundraiser for the rest area, with donations going towards some critical infrastructure needs. Staff from the City joined Dreamers in a night of community warmth and homemade spaghetti sauce.

Sleep and Recharge Campaign
Together with eBay Portland and students from Catlin Gabel, we fundraised 10 solar-powered charges and 80 sleeping bags. This month-long campaign turned into a community-wide event, bringing together local businesses and students.

Sleeping Pods
Lloyd EcoDistrict raised funds and built 10 additional tiny homes for the R2DToo members that live at the site to oversee operations.