Maximize ROI with LED Exterior Lighting

By Joshua Baker

LAMP: Your Partner for Energy Efficient Exterior Lighting

Together with our LAMP partner Conserve Energy, LLC, we have expertise in a range of technologies for lighting and controls. One of our areas of specialization for LAMP is exterior lighting.

High-quality exterior lighting enhances your business by making buildings and grounds attractive, welcoming, and safe for customers, employees, and the community. Properly designed exterior lighting delivers appropriate light levels for building entrances, signs, retail areas, walkways, and parking lots. Our team has expertise with the “BUG” (Backlight, Uplight, Glare) rating system, which ensures that your exterior lighting delivers light where you need it and doesn’t add glare, send unwanted light onto neighboring properties, or directly into the eyes of pedestrians, drivers, or up into the night sky. 

LED Lighting and Controls Increase Energy Savings

Exterior lighting often includes larger fixtures that stay on from dusk to dawn. The combination of high wattage and long operating hours results in an opportunity for significant energy savings. LED fixtures typically reduce energy consumption by 60-70% compared to older fixtures and are virtually maintenance-free. LED fixtures are also compatible with controls, such as occupancy sensors that can dim parking lot lights when no one is present. Additionally, LED fixtures are much better at rendering colors than older high-pressure sodium fixtures, allowing security cameras to provide better identification of vehicles and people.

Reduce Upfront Expenses with Energy Trust Incentive

We work with utilities in the Northwest and many are offering generous incentives for energy-efficiency measures. Utility incentives typically cover 40-70% of up-front costs for exterior LED lighting projects. Right now in Oregon, Portland General Electric and Pacific Power customers can take advantage of Energy Trust of Oregon lighting incentives up to $6,000 per lighting project. This incentive level is perfect to support small to medium exterior lighting projects, such as parking lots with up to 40 pole fixtures.

A Turnkey Solution

LAMP offers a complete range of products and services for exterior lighting. These include design, permitting, structural engineering, pole bases, light fixtures and poles, boring or trenching for underground conduit, controls, installation, commissioning, handling all utility paperwork,  financing, and after sales service and support.

Team with a Proven Leader

Our lighting partner Conserve Energy has completed thousands of energy efficiency retrofit projects across the Northwest and our LAMP program partnership just passed a notable milestone, installing our 10 thousandth energy-saving LED fixture! Meanwhile, a portion of LAMP proceeds are used to support local sustainability projects and non-profits providing services to our houseless populations.

LAMP’s turnkey solutions include top-quality products at very competitive prices. We work with utility programs to maximize financial incentives and provide an unbeatable ROI. Our partner Conserve Energy is a proud member of the Northwest Trade Ally Network and an Energy Trust of Oregon “Performance+” Trade Ally.

Contact Us to Get Started

Want help selecting exterior fixtures that save you energy and money and lighting that doesn’t “Bug” your customers, tenants, and neighbors?  Contact, we can help with our LED Advantage Member Program (LAMP).