Community Resilience

Lloyd Prepares

Programs that address resilience-building and emergency preparedness in Lloyd.

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As we engaged hundreds of residents, local advocates, community organizations, small business owners, building managers, and other stakeholders to create a neighborhood roadmap, we repeatedly heard requests for programs addressing resilience-building. Lloyd Prepares stems from the conversations and is based on the idea that communities that know and trust each other before an emergency or crisis are more resilient and will emerge from that crisis stronger. Annually, we’re rolling out new emergency preparedness resources, programs, and events and activities designed to build connections and increase the ability of residents, employees, and the Lloyd neighborhood to prepare and respond to various emergencies.

Lloyd Prepares Resources

As specific Emergency Preparedness resources are developed, we’ll add them here. 

2024 Upcoming Lloyd Prepares Work

We’re busy building out our 2024 Lloyd Prepares workplan. Have a project or training you’d like to see? Let us know.

Previous Lloyd Prepares Projects

Community Resiliency Workshops: Targeting Training to Build Community Resiliency (2023) 

The Lloyd Prepares Challenge Campaign: Get Prepared. Earn Prizes. (2022)

Emergency Activations

Keeping Our Community Cool: Summer Heatwave Activation (2023)