Climate Action & Adaptation

Residential Building Energy Efficiency
Discover how to save money and energy with low-cost energy-saving techniques — for renters and homeowners alike.
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Extreme Heat Response
Our summers are getting hotter and more dangerous. We're rolling our initiatives to plan for extreme heat events and activate cooling locations during heat waves.
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Lloyd Climate Resilience Assessment
The Lloyd EcoDistrict, like many other neighborhoods, will be subject to global and regional climate change impacts that will have local effects on the people, buildings, infrastructure, and natural assets of the district.
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Healthy Building Strategies
In the Lloyd neighborhood, like many other communities, issues of indoor and outdoor air quality are at top of mind. From the threat of current and future pandemics to hazardous air quality caused by wildfires or regional pollution, there is a need to create healthier buildings.
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Air Quality Monitoring and Resources
Information and resources for the Lloyd community to prepare for all air quality scenarios.
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Decarbonization Resources
Since the launch of Lloyd EcoDistrict a decade ago, the Lloyd community has set the standard for resource conservation and efficiency.
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Lloyd Ecodistrict Action Forum (LEAF)
LEAF provides a forum for interested individuals from local buildings, utilities, and city agencies to share ideas, pool resources, develop and promote new solutions for the EcoDistrict while sharing in the creation of sustainable results.
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LED Advantage Member Program (LAMP)
Our LED retrofit installation program provides energy reduction, cost savings, as well as direct social & community benefits.
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EV Charging Advantage Member Program (CHAMP)
CHAMP is an electric vehicle charging station installation program that supports reducing carbon emissions, meets tenant changing needs, provides excellent ROI, as well as direct social & community benefits.
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Building Performance Benchmarking
Lloyd EcoDistrict monitors utility data for the district through ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®. This free web-based tool allows building owners and managers to track and analyze their electricity, gas, and water use.
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